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Apple Aqua Dia pectin

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The specially developed “Appel Aqua Dia pectin” series is aimed at people with high blood sugar levels. The main difference here compared to other variants of the nutritional supplement is the natural sweetener Stevia, which is the most suitable substitute for sugar due to its zero glycemic index. Another part of the composition is CHROMIC Picolinate, which regulates cholesterol levels to the maximum extent, stimulates the formation of insulin and participates in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Fights fatigue and helps regulate appetite. Various studies have shown that the soluble fiber in apple pectin helps lower blood sugar after consuming carbohydrates. Its liquid form reduces the absorption of sugar through the intestines and acts as a barrier through which glucose passes much more difficult. Its regular consumption is recommended, which in turn does not interfere with the absorption of various vitamins and minerals by the body. It is not necessary to combine it with another nutritional supplement to achieve maximum effect.